"Providing professional development, coaching, workshops and materials for English language acquisition and TPRS in US and international schools."

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About Beth

Beth is passionate about language learning and especially about enhancing the achievement of English Language Learners.


Beth has created various materials including books and DVDs for teachers and learners.


Beth will dialog with you to create a workshop, coaching or consulting program that best meets the needs of your teachers.

Recent Blog Posts

Learning Language through Laughter

Laughter echoed through the halls of the school as I walked toward the Fluency Fast...

What makes an effective teacher?

Teacher effectiveness rubrics, teacher evaluation systems, multiple books and many professional development workshops attempt to answer the question: What makes an effective teacher? The recent push in the US to evaluate teachers based on strict rubrics and students’ results on standardized test scores has challenged me to think differently about the answers to this question.

“College and Career Readiness” and Standardized Testing

Why do the PARCC assessments require high school juniors in Colorado to take an additional 12 hours of standardized tests?

Scaffolding Balance Bike Style

Balance bikes hold an important key to the scaffolds we use in education: they develop the essential skills, not the basic skills, of biking.

Revealing Questions:  How student responses can inform instruction

Reviewing the table of questions and answers inspired the teacher to make changes in his class that will hopefully make a significant positive impact on students’ ability to express their ideas clearly and justify their thinking. What do the questions and answers in your classroom reveal about students’ thinking and understanding?

Comprehension trumps phonics

This brief example highlighted for me the truth about fluency: without comprehension, there is no fluency. I encourage teachers to make comprehension central to all their lessons, regardless of the skill or strategy they are teaching.